Service station

Avoid intentional and unintentional errors

Watch-it allows you to maintain control over various aspects of the service station with fewer staff. Whether it is the forecourt, the shop, the car wash or the charging station, you know what’s going on.

Prevent drive-offs

Watch-it alerts and informs the cashier about registered drive-offs and fake licence plates. This allows the cashier to block the pump before refuelling can start.

Error-free payment in the shop

No more customers being charged for someone else’s fuel! Both the customer and the cashier can check the images of the car and the pump number at the checkout. Payments are faster and error-free, even without a direct view of the forecourt. This allows you to tailor your shop’s layout to customer experience.


Self-checkouts allowing customers to pay for fuel themselves are gaining ground as a reliable solution to overcome staff shortages. Watch-it prevents theft and mistakes by displaying footage of the refuelling action on the self-checkout counter. This footage also provides the opportunity to legally address offenders afterward.

Prevent fraud

Watch-it immediately exposes staff fraud: it reveals cash discrepancies, defects sweethearting and prevents fraud attempts. Someone claiming to have paid with a 50 euro note when it was a 20 euro note is contradicted by the camera footage.

Is your location ready for the future?

We are here to help you! We will gladly demonstrate Watch-it so that you can see with your own eyes how many practical, everyday things can be done so much safer, more efficiently and more customer-friendly.