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Control in times of change

Maintaining control over your business as it evolves, requires a modular, comprehensive and smart security solution. The Watch-it platform links camera footage with data from cash transactions, customer information licence plates, access gates, article security and more. Hazardous situations (such as smoking vehicles, aggression and robbery) are automatically recognized and reported, as are unwanted situations (litter, ICE-ing) and deviations in the sales process (sweethearting, paying for the wrong gas pump number.

Detailes overview of the whole

  • All information in one overview.
  • Without searching, you immediately see critical notifications from all locations.
  • Many situations can be assessed and resolved remotely.

A system that works smoothly

  • Smart search methods provide a quick path to the right image.
  • Find the correct video based on a specific transaction, car identifier or a technical alarm.
  • Searching becomes finding thanks to Watch-it’s integration with other systems and triggers from AI.

Stay constantly informed, even on your smartphone

  • Instant access to footage on your smartphone without compromising cybersecurity.
  • Immediate notifications of security issues, which technology can solve for you.
  • Immediate emergency stops reports. Watch the video, assess the situation and reset the emergency stop remotely, if desired.

Security by design

  • We develop all our software according to the Security by Design principle. As a user, you can be sure that your data is being used securely.
  • Every new application undergoes rigorous security and usability screening, is GDPR-compliant and is made according to the ISO 27001 standard for information security.
  • With Watch-it, your sensitive information is protected, risks are minimized and you you comply with legal standards.

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