A BigBrother innovation for mobility


The World's smartest Secutiry Technology Platform

Secure all aspects of your business

How do you ensure a delightful customer experience? How do you handle increased traffic and sell more products with fewer staff? The answer is: with Watch-it. For you, Watch-it is a technology platform that secures, analyses and enhances your processes. For your employees, Watch-it is an additional colleague that alerts to damage, fraud and unsafe situations. For your customers, Watch-it is a service that provides assistance and prevents waiting.


The Worlds Smartest Security Technology Platform

Why choose for Watch-it?

You want to help your employees with their daily challenges

Watch-it prevents theft and mistakes by showing images of the refueling action on the self-checkout counter.

You want to combat fraud and loss

Watch-it alerts and informs the cashier about registered thieves and false license plates.

You want to know whether a customer has been unable to load

In addition to checking the recording of charging and parking time, Watch-it also detects when something or someone is blocking the charging spot.


More than 7,500 mobility sites already using Watch-it

“The number of drive-through drivers has decreased by 80% due to AutoAlert.”

Jochen van der Voort – Owner at Zwart

Is your location ready for the future?

We are here to help you! We will gladly demonstrate Watch-it so that you can see with your own eyes how many practical, everyday things can be done so much safer, more efficiently and more customer-friendly.