Anticipate market changes

Petrol stations are facing major changes. First, the space that needs to be dedicated to new fuels is limited. Second, consumers and business processes demand even greater efficiency. Meanwhile, the labour shortage persists. Finally, the evolution of fuel prices and the demand for various energy types remain uncertain. Watch-it, the technology platform for securing mobility companies, provides you with the insights to turn these developments to your advantage.


The world's smartest Security Technology Platform

Devices platform

An easy-to-operate system

The success of any system is determined by its ease of use. This is exactly why Watch-it is demonstrably used more than other systems.

Smart search filter

Quickly find what you are looking for by using the advanced filter.

Insight in every detail

Insight into fuel type, pump number, payment method, total amount, cash register number and cashier in just a single glance.

An eye on the cash register

In ‘Receipt’ you can see if your employee acts according to the procedure regarding payment and offering certain customer benefits.

All information securely accessible anywhere

Securely share video footage

With SecureVideo-link you can safely and quickly share your images with colleagues.

Live video channels

View various live and recorded images directly from your mobile device.

Always in touch

Receive push notifications of moments that matter to you.


Do more with fewer people

With self-checkouts for convenience products and fuel/energy payments based on the number plate you can do more with less staff. Besides, it is a way to improve customer experience.

“Watch-it provides extra eyes and ears, so that your employees can focus on the customer.”
“Till discrepancies, transaction errors and even fraud are detected in no time. These things even become predictable.”
“The number of drive-offs will be reduced significantly. And if a fuel thieve still drives off, it will not cost you any more precious time.”


Improved safety through active signalling

Watch-it allows you to quickly perform routine checks on matters that you find critical. The camera system itself can also detect and report critical events.

“Are all safety rules being complied with? Are people smoking near the pump? How is theft dealt with? Seeing is knowing!”
“Before, you could find out afterwards what had gone wrong. Now you get information that allows you to take immediate action.”
“Keep your staff and customers safe, even with more fuel and charge points on your site.”


A grip on all processes and transitions

Watch-it does not only provide security, but also insights into the demand for the various energy types, the amount of action and time something requires, who buys what and more.

“You don't want customers waiting. Not at the pump, nor in the shop. Watch-it helps to prevent wait times.”
“You can see at a glance whether your price sings are correct and the fire extinguishers are in the right place.”
“How do you prevent your company from becoming obsolete? How can you keep up and pay for the energy transition?”

For who

More than 6,000 mobility sites already using Watch-it

“For us, Watch-it is the stepping-stone to the next level in customer experience.”

Koen van der Knaap - Owner Shell van der Knaap

"Watch-it provides more convenience for my customers and myself and expands my customer database."

Rosan Kreijne - Manager of Kreijne Ltd

"The only way to improve your service, is by making it more personal. Watch-it helps with that”

Steven Van Belleghem - Keynote speaker and author


Insight into every situation on site

Watch-it is the world’s smartest security technology platform in the mobility market. Besides an extremely attractive and practical interface, Watch-it offers numerous other customised extension options. From improving security to enhancing operational excellence.

BigBrother, an innovation company

We help companies in the mobility market in the transition
of their business towards the customer needs of the future.

Is your location ready for the future?

We are here to help you! We will gladly demonstrate Watch-it so that you can see with your own eyes how many practical, everyday things can be done so much safer, more efficiently and more customer-friendly.